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M.C. Grimm: The face behind the mic!

The voice of Radiant Heroes and legendary Alaskan gentleman, Josh Cronan reads excerpts from Radiant Heroes Episode II – Beyond Horizons. His style and delivery is second to none and I am beyond excited to share these excerpts with you from the greatest voice-actor I have ever heard.

M.C. Grimm: Exorcising Inner Demons

Our inner demons have their own intentions that sometimes clash with our own, robbing us of our joy and passions. Before we can banish them from our metaphorical temple, we must first face them and give them a name.

Finding Your Target Audience

You want to write, but you aren’t sure exactly what you’re interested in writing for. What is YA, NA, and are either for you? Do you remember the parental guidance ratings you’d see in huge bold letters on poster boards when it came to advertising movies? G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, etc? G= General. PG=

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M.C. Grimm: Surviving vs Living

I found myself focused intently on what I wanted, but didn’t have, failing to exercise gratitude towards the abundance I was already blessed with. I believe many struggle with this and I would like to share something I discovered that helped.