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M.C. Grimm: Exorcising Inner Demons

Our inner demons have their own intentions that sometimes clash with our own, robbing us of our joy and passions. Before we can banish them from our metaphorical temple, we must first face them and give them a name.

Book Satisfaction: The Word Count

Does the satisfaction of a book come from its length? Or is it more about its content? As we think further into what kind of book we’d like to write about, selecting the genre and type, you might be thinking about how long you’d like your book to be. Some writers don’t think about that

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Meet Our Common Foes: The Doubt Demon and The Imposter Syndrome Shoulder Angel

We as writers struggle enough with writer’s block, and we sometimes let the thoughts and opinions of others in. But nothing is worse than being in your own head, dealing with pests deep within our subconscious. It’s perfectly normal to feel bouts of overwhelm, many beginnings are. It’s important to recognize and identify the common enemies

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“Words in Progress” Readings, Support, and Brainstorming with RPH Inc.

Saturday, March 19th @ 12pm EST – Join us virtually to share your work and passion with a reading. The intention receive support and network with established creators.

M.C. Grimm: Surviving vs Living

I found myself focused intently on what I wanted, but didn’t have, failing to exercise gratitude towards the abundance I was already blessed with. I believe many struggle with this and I would like to share something I discovered that helped.