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Minotaur, sorcerers, reapers, ancient weapons, and pancakes. In this world of magic and monsters, a young boy is gifted with the power to heal impossible wounds. He lived the life of an exceptional cleric until he was left orphaned and taken in by adventuring monster hunters. Now, they struggle to survive as the kingdom is thrown into chaos by a villainous demigod with the ability to dominate the minds of others. The fate of the world rests on their quest.

The Radiant Heroes saga continues as Drogon, Stein, Lee, and their group continue their journey across the seas in an attempt to unite once-warring nations against the forces of the demigod, Donahay. Joining our heroes, new champions rise to the call of battle and take their place in history aboard the Yoshi. Unknown to them, an elite mercenary group known as the Red Five is not far behind as a past comes back to haunt them.Will the party convince the kingdoms to fight in the upcoming war before it’s too late? What does it mean to be wolftouched? Whatever happened to Tholden and Garf? Action, drama, suspense, and more await in this epic-fantasy sequel.

The Story of All the Things I Am is the biography of Thomas E. Grimes. He prepared this novel to share his life and legacy to the world and most importantly; his family. It is out of his life and love that this story and most of the individuals encountered within it even exist today.
*This novel is available at cost with his families support*
Emma Porter never liked her brother’s ex-girlfriend. She was fake, selfish, immature, and now she’s carrying his baby. Her brother’s unexpected death leaves Emma to take fate in her own hands in order to save his unborn child. However, fate seems to have other plans for her in the form of a mysterious police lieutenant and her brother’s best friend.

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