If you’re ready for publishing then you’ve heard “writing the book is the easiest part” – we have too. Being authors and creators ourselves, we can relate to the process of turning thoughts into stories of legends, romance, time travel, etc. and find ourselves in that next chapter.

Being featured on amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. is done with every publisher. We offer publishing services that elevate your work as an author beyond what is available to self-publishing writers with our team of consultants, designers, and editors.

What do we do for our authors?
-Copyright registration with the US Copyright Office / Library of Congress.
-RPH official ISBN number assignment.
-A line edit of your work with our editing team.
-eBook, paperback, hardcover, and audio-book options.
-Cover design options.
-RPH social media publicity, community networking, and your own blog—posting access.
-Free attendance to RPH public events (when available).
-Social media targeted advertising.
-Personalized marketing material available.
-RPH virtual writing workshops (invaluable networking and learning tool).

We have offered some of the highest royalties available.

What do we look for in our authors?

-During the free consultation/interview, we will provide an assessment of your writing style and help gauge if we are the best fit for your creative vision.
-We are open to publish great works – that means any genre.
-Every great author starts off as a writer looking to publish and with that in mind; we are open to first time authors.
-RPH is a community of creators. Participation in group events is not required, however we are seeking individuals who want to succeed and support others to succeed alongside them.
-You invest time and effort into your own work. This may include additional editing, marketing with your local community or fan base, etc.

Submit through our submissions page, let us know about your work and your goals. We typically reply within 3 business days with a decision or offer.


What are some additional marketing material available to me through RPH?
Through our vendor agreements, additional services are available to have amazon listings for branded T-shirts, Tank tops, Hoodies, pop-sockets, and more. Additional formatting and product design options may incur charges or design time.

You’re a hybrid publisher – Is there a way to get discounted or even free services?
Yes! Submit the first 10 pages or first chapter of your story on our careers and submissions page.
For us, a hybrid-publisher means we dabble in all means of publishing. We are NOT a “pay to be published” company. There are situations, based on the desires you have for your work and industry influence, where investing into your writing may be recommended and beneficial.

Feel free to check out our growing Featured Authors Page.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward working with you!

-RPH Inc.