Virtual Coaching

Mike Grimes

Mike is a full-time team leader and successful entrepreneur in the computer service and publishing industries.

What is “Coaching”?

It is the question when we ask ourselves “why are we unhappy/unfulfilled” with the way things are in our lives or “how can I do better?”

Coaching is not a consultation, nor is it therapy. It can give the appearance of either depending on your perspective and takeaways, but the reality is that life-coaching is all about being open, honest, and real with your goals while truly being ready to achieve them. I say truly because what’s holding success and growth-minded individuals back most frequently is often the same factors.

My niche is your mental, financial, and career well-being.
I specialize in life transitions including; relationships and career change, work/life balance, entrepreneurial endeavors, novel completion, and general life fulfillment. I assist you with goal setting, accountability, confidence building, and offering empowerment to get from where you are to where you want to be.

These sessions support your ambitions from an experienced, assertive coach. I encourage adaptation, growth, and fulfillment.

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