Virtual Coaching

What is “Coaching”?

When you ask yourself “what’s missing in my life” or “how can I be a better parent, spouse, friend, professional, or person”, often times; coaching is an answer.

Coaching is not therapy. While we discuss a problem to understand it, we do not dwell there. Our goal is always in pursuit of a solution – your solution. Coaching is all about being open, honest, and real with your goals while truly being ready to achieve them. The word truly is there because what’s holding success and growth-minded individuals back most frequently is often the same factor – you.

Selecting your focus and a coach that will be real and hold you accountable is everything in creating a life you love each and every day.

Select your coach and book an introduction and see if you’re ready to construct an infinite lifestyle.

Mike Grimes

Mike is a full-time team leader and successful entrepreneur in the computer service and publishing industries.

Entrepreneurial, leadership, and author coaching.

I specialize in career growth, work/life balance, entrepreneurial endeavors, leadership development, and author coaching. I assist you with goal setting and offer accountability, confidence building, and empowerment to get from where you are to where you want to be.

About your coach:
I started my first business, an in-home computer service, at 20 years old. After 7 successful years, I sold it for a comfortable sum and pursued my passion in leadership and literary works. Presently, I empower an award winning team in the insurance industry across the southern tier of New York state. In addition to this role, I am the CEO of Radiant Publishing House. This position encompasses all aspects of the industry and creating an inspiring company vision. Feel free to review my LinkedIn profile for additional educational accreditation, CPD certification, and other qualifications.

I have saved the greatest of my accomplishments for last; I am a son, brother, husband, father, and friend. The habits I created through my life have returned blessings exponentially – we all share this infinite prosperity.

In our sessions, I will support your ambitions as an experienced, assertive coach. I encourage adaptation, growth, and fulfillment to last your lifetime. I hope to work with you.