Editing Services by RPH

Radiant Publishing House now offers a quality editing service for fiction and non-fiction works to help refine your great novel – into a masterpiece. We have three options dependent on your needs and the editing stages of your work.
1. A developmental edit looks at the bigger picture— only the bigger picture. We’ll be paying attention to the plot, character motivation, setting, and pacing. Instead of making written changes, we’ll leave overall comments and recommendations, and when we’re done, we’ll send you an in-depth review of your work. A developmental edit should be the first step in the editing process—line editing and copy editing should happen only after you’re confident in this initial structure of the novel.
2. Content editing reduces redundancy and repetition, catches inconsistencies, and improves flow. We’ll restructure sentences and may alter your word choices to improve clarity. The intent is to improve the writing quality without affecting your writing style. A content edit does not review the plot and characters for inconsistency, and our editor will not make recommendations to improve the plot. For those services, you will need a line edit.
3. Line editing is the most complete service we offer. Line editing actively improves your writing and not only the style and flow, but also the plot and characters. In a line edit, we can rephrase sentences, reorganize paragraphs, remove content that does not move the story forward, and leave recommendations where adding detail or story content would be beneficial. We wouldn’t add new scenes or characters, but if that is what the book needs, we may suggest you do so in our review.
A final editing service is included in all of our publishing packages.
Pricing, discounts, and time frame may vary, please contact us via email for more information at mgrimes@radiantpublishinghouse.com