M.C. Grimm: Exorcising Inner Demons

Our inner demons have their own intentions that sometimes clash with our own, robbing us of our joy and passions. Before we can banish them from our metaphorical temple, we must first face them and give them a name.


When we have ideas that just won’t leave us, I completely understand the excitement bubbling within to go forth and start writing. Your fingers fling across the keyboard to catch up with the words in your mind. All of the faith in the world that this idea will plume into fruition as a story we’re

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Book Satisfaction: The Word Count

Does the satisfaction of a book come from its length? Or is it more about its content? As we think further into what kind of book we’d like to write about, selecting the genre and type, you might be thinking about how long you’d like your book to be. Some writers don’t think about that

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Finding Your Target Audience

You want to write, but you aren’t sure exactly what you’re interested in writing for. What is YA, NA, and are either for you? Do you remember the parental guidance ratings you’d see in huge bold letters on poster boards when it came to advertising movies? G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, etc? G= General. PG=

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Meet Our Common Foes: The Doubt Demon and The Imposter Syndrome Shoulder Angel

We as writers struggle enough with writer’s block, and we sometimes let the thoughts and opinions of others in. But nothing is worse than being in your own head, dealing with pests deep within our subconscious. It’s perfectly normal to feel bouts of overwhelm, many beginnings are. It’s important to recognize and identify the common enemies

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Productivity Guilt

You’re sitting at your computer. Fingers anxiously itching to produce words in a document. You want to meet that word count—need to see the number of pages increase towards your ultimate goal of finishing your book. Favorite drink is right there, snack bowl of baby carrots or Goldfish crackers within reach. A timer of one

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Writer Phrases

I’ve been trying to finagle different phrases for myself and any future clients I’ll have as a coach. Because phrases stick with you and help you remember. Remember PEMDAS from Order of Operations? Please. Excuse. My. Dear. Aunt. Sally. Parenthesis. Exponent. Multiply. Divide. Add. Subtract. It was a cute and fun phrase to remember and

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