A flame begins with but a single spark. And with that – requires much tending to become this great blaze. Without the following heroes, this work would smolder to ash before a single word was written.

My mother Doreen, father Carl and sister Nicole for always encouraging me to chase my hopes while humoring my (sometimes) ridiculous antics. You taught me how to dream, to read and to write. Whatever great successes (or horrific creations) come out of this; it is all credit to you.

To Nikki, Rich, Josh, Stephen, and many others who contributed to the legend that Radiant Heroes is destined to be!

My dear friend Donna, your passion and energy is contagious and makes me believe that anything and everything is possible.

There is a saying: “We were given two arms to hold, two hands to hold, two legs to walk, two eyes to see, two ears to listen; but only one heart. The other was given to someone else for us to find.” And I found it, along with a fiery passion for life, in you; Vickie.

And of course, you – our wonderful reader =) without your passion for magic none of this could exist!

Thank you, I am eternally grateful to the love you have shared.

With love,
Michael Grimes
President/CEO of Radiant Publishing House Inc.