Welcome to Radiant Publishing House.
Our purpose is simple: to discover, develop, and inspire the minds that create.

We are looking to publish and partner with authors who have a passion for writing – like we do. If you feel your work is ready for publishing and you’re ready to submit, check out our careers page on how you might join our team.

Still working on your project? We’re always creating too! You’re invited to join some of our free, monthly virtual courses at Creative Minds.
If your project requires a special focus, we have your back. Check out our Advanced Training for courses that will turn you into a pro or consider our Coaching Services to help get you

Our website also features the blog posts and other creations of published, talented authors. With one click, you can follow along to get their blog content delivered right to your inbox. They will share their work, inspirations, life experiences, and more with you.

We to the Radiant Publishing Team, we look forward to working with you!

Radiant Publishing House Team

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