M.C. Grimm: Exorcising Inner Demons

Our inner demons have their own intentions that sometimes clash with our own, robbing us of our joy and passions. Before we can banish them from our metaphorical temple, we must first face them and give them a name.

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I find myself inspired by your recent posts C.M. Guido – thank you for the empowerment! Speaking to those inner demons we all have that can sometimes inflict a form of self-sabotage and rob us of our confidence to even try. C.M. spoke to the power of affirmations in one of her recent posts and it resonated in me like Florida thunder – my goodness – the mind shapes our entire reality through this self-talk.

Exorcising this negativity can take hours, years, or a lifetime. What I’ve come to find is that it all seems to be about intention. We all know that these thoughts are not only unhelpful, but they are also toxic. The negativity doesn’t stop at “I’m not attractive” but then oozes into “My partner deserves better” and “I’m just not worth X.” So why do we do it? What is the intention of these thoughts and how can we control them?

I’ve found that for me the intention of these discouraging thoughts is laziness. “I’m chubby and feel fine, I don’t need to exercise” or “I’m tired, I won’t work on Healthy Habits today.” Personally, I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time. Something my dad said to me once as I was sneaking away some cookies as a kid comes back to me, “Even if you got away with it, you’re only cheating yourself.”

In books, movies, and lore you’ve heard that in order to control a demon, you must know it’s name. My demon, is Laziness. And while I have conquered it in so many avenues of my life, it has not been completely banished from my days – but it will be. Now, when I sit on the couch and there’s a sink full of dishes, if I tell myself “I’ll do it tomorrow,” I can encourage myself to conquer Laziness, one task at a time. I know what you’re thinking, “duh, M.C., that’s easy and obvious, just get it done.” And it can be, can’t it?
But in some ways, it’s an addictive mindset. It takes effort and willpower to break free. Look at smoking, it is literal poison you inhale into your lungs, would one say, “why can’t you just stop?” Or how about if you have debt, “why can’t you just stop spending money you don’t have?” These are all behaviors that are/can be demons. What is the intention of your demons? Give them a name so that you might banish them.

Now, that the demons intention has been named, we can move on to your intention. I’ve come to find once you have declared your own intention, you are seizing the power. Take Laziness’ intention for example: it wants me to do nothing. In the process, it makes even the smallest task feel larger than it is, maybe even stressful i.e.. those dishes in the sink *exasperated sigh*. But I shout out “I CARE NOT, FOUL DEMON, because my intention is to have a sanitary home for my family! My baby may wake in the middle of the night and need a clean bottle to sooth him back to restful slumber – BEGONE!” Look at that self-talk. Not only have I slain a demon and empowered myself, but I’ve given myself a strange reason to giggle over the sink.

Maintaining that mindset gets easier with practice. Self-care must be a priority in order to keep yourself adaptive and resilient. If I was neglecting sleep and eating garbage food, Laziness might not be to blame at all, it could be actual exhaustion. In that case, my intention will suffer, as will my home and family. Self-care must be a priority. Body, mind, and spirit.

Body: Garbage in, garbage out. Feeling sluggish after eating an entire pizza? Haven’t broken a sweat in months? We’ve all been there, but you know you’re not doing yourself any favors. It will be challenging to take on Laziness if you’re running on fast-food. You’re body is your temple.

Mind: Here is your self-talk. Stay resilient, don’t allow yourself to be possessed by the inner demons by believing what they tell you. Their intention is not your own. I’d also elaborate this is beyond self-talk and includes those in your circle. If you have some toxic friends/family around you, they may be poisoning your mind. Meditate often to check-in on your inner self. If you’re body is a temple, your mind is the preacher.

Spirit: Your why. Call it your soul-path, life purpose, your passion – this is the power that blossoms with the flock in your temple by the preacher at the alter. The analogy fits to me. Like attracts like and when you are in full alignment – you are an unstoppable cosmic force.

This is your journey. This is your life. What do you intend to do with it?

Thank you for checking in.

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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