Writer’s Affirmations

Affirmations for Writers

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As writers, we often take a positive approach when going into our writing. However, it’s not enough sometimes to simply be positive. Outside interference can create internal radio static that throws us off course, or even self-doubt.

There is nothing wrong with a little help in getting us back into the right mindset to resume what we love. Try putting some of the following affirmations into practice; because the worst thing we can do is open ourselves to self-sabotage/fall victim to any of our fears. The Imposter Syndrome Shoulder Angel, Doubt Demon, and What-If Fairy prey on negative talk/mindsets.

Do not let them in.

Try pushing them away with:

  1. I know who I am and what I am capable of.
  2. My writing matters.
  3. My words matter.
  4. I grow stronger in my experiences every day.
  5. Each chapter brings me closer to completing.
  6. I expect to complete as much as I can handle in a writing session.
  7. Planning—is—doing something.
  8. I deserve this.
  9. My devotion makes me capable.
  10. The progress of others does not define me.
  11. I set the bar for myself on what success is.
  12. My writing voice is unique.
  13. I manifest the energy to write.
  14. I will take my time because rushed work appears rushed.
  15. I go into this session with positive and productive energy.
  16. My skills make me capable.
  17. I go into this writing session open minded.
  18. I am me, no one else, and that is more than enough.
  19. A challenge does not mean the end.
  20. I—can—get through this writer’s block.
  21. My passion for my craft will show.
  22. Trolls lurk beneath bridges; they do not lurk within me.
  23. Just because this story has been told before, readers have not heard MY story.
  24. Every writing session is a learning opportunity.
  25. Every failure is a chance to learn and grow.
  26. This idea was no coincidence, I am meant to tell this story.
  27. My ideas are worthy.
  28. I am worthy.
  29. I am worthy as a writer.
  30. I am willing to take a chance on myself.

A fun activity would be to try this for a 30-day practice of affirmation (in no particular order, organize it in a way that benefits you)! Happy writing!

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