M.C. Grimm: Life – The Musical

On mortality, love, and passion. By M.C. Grimm


As a new dad, I am learning how everything goes smoother with song. After all, any fussy baby can become more attune to your efforts by making even the most mundane task an adventurous ballad. How about a diaper change to the tune of “Hey Jude”? I have a custom single come up next!

While bobbing to the hip sways, arm bounces, and butt pats; I am finding the song best accompanied by dance. Keep a steady rhythm to match the desired outcome and perhaps a slow “fade out” to lay down this sweet tuckered baby down and appreciate some reclaimed hours of parent-time.

Seeing this beautiful 7 month old also makes me reflect on the journey that is life. Was I ever this small and baby-ish? My parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents day I was. How quickly does it fly by and how much of the little things do we forget but our parents treasure? I can only imagine what those remarkable scenes of heaven look like.

And then it all hits me. The musical that is life. The showtunes, scenes, and the choreography are all of our own design. We have cast that come and go throughout the show. There are scenes of love and loss. Great victories and dreadful tragedies. All making the truest hit that is Life.

This show is written by you. As the stoics would say, life is not what happens to you, but how you react to it. You are the star because whether you accept the role or not, you are the protagonist. And the biggest shocker; you’re the only one in the audience. That’s right, all the passion for life, or lack there of is your choice, your design, and for your enjoyment.

This thought crossed my mind after a wonderful weekend with my son. My wife was on a trip and he and I had some incredible bonding time where I learned some new baby-speak. It also made me realize how fleeting time is and how important it is to break out of my own head and just appreciate the moments. It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly always within our control.

Perhaps it’s thoughts or mortality. Before we know it, the scene is over. Infants, become toddlers that always want to play and then teenagers flying from the nest. Lovers become strangers and strangers become lovers. How is it that every moment is so remarkably precious and savoring, and yet so tentative? Throughout it all, so much if not all of it is so very in our control, if only we choose to focus our attention there. Want to be a part of someone’s future? Invest your present.

I am stirring at the thought that life is such a brief moment of unparalleled beauty. Unlimited passion met with infinite love and the possibility to create and appreciate everything a heart can desire. The only limitation is time and the doubts we trap in our own minds.

I hope you live and love by limitless measure and fill every moment with passion.

With love, M.C. Grimm


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