Futures: A Poem by M.C. Grimm

A brief poem on the fruitless stressing of our future and an alternative author M.C. Grimm is practicing to live life to the fullest.

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I have had some deep thoughts lately. Here is a piece of my soul.

“I sometimes worry about the future.
On what wounds bare open or time will suture.
Will mine be a brief rush of glass and sand?
Or the slow tick of a soothing hand?

It is not my place to know what will come.
Nor to know from where I’ll return from.
Be it earth or something more divine.
I may only accept the fate that’s mine.

So I will choose the peace in Now.
And never mind the source or “How.”
I’ll keep my hopes in the stars above.
And do my best to live with love.“

With love.
M.C. Grimm


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