C.M. Guido Presents: Secrets Dream Team

If anyone has ever wondered what I envisioned my characters to look like, wonder no further! I am including my dream cast!

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I’m sure we’ve all been there, in the process of creation, envisioning our characters and what they’d look like. I thought I’d grant you a sneak peak in my head to see who I envisioned to be my star roles!

German Actor, Maximillian Befort–Seville Diaz

Spanish Actor, Maxi Iglesias–Lorenzo Diaz

Vampire Diaries Star, Kat Graham– Loredana Moretti

Mila Kunis–Lady Clodovea

Eugenio Derbez–Lord Horado

Salma Hayek–Lady Akna

Anthony Ramos–Chief Bembe

Jasmine Cephas Jones–Juanita

Rami Malek–High Priest Zuma

Check out the adventure here!

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