M.C. Grimm: Dinner with a Master

I’ve been fortunate to experience many masters throughout my limited trips around the sun and tonight I would like to share one with you inspired from a conversation I had today with a co-worker. If you have a tale to tell, I would love to hear it – feel free to leave your story in the comments or PM me.

Thank you and enjoy your day!

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I’ve been fortunate to experience many masters throughout my limited trips around the sun and tonight I would like to share one with you inspired from a conversation I had today with a co-worker. These masters have all imparted infinite wisdom, sometimes at points of my life when I could not understand it. Still, when the moment came for that knowledge of wealth, that diamond, to shine; I was (mostly) ready to put it to practice and (always) recalled the soul whom shared it with me.

Within posts on other forums, I have referred to these masters as Everyday Angels offering that tic-tac saving grace or blessing that you may not have ever known you needed. They are sometimes people that never drift from your life. With those, you get to savor these invaluable experiences at your mutual leisure. Other times, you might meet them in passing, in a waiting room or at a business event. They may change your mindset, nay; your life, and yet you never see them again.

The CEO of a multiple billion dollar insurance company once shared dinner with me. It was a business function and I was given an opportunity to share an hour long conversation with this established, seasoned professional. We spoke of the industry and company, of course, but the primary topic of our conversation was Life, most specifically; time. Towards the end of our conversation, the sum of all his great experience wasn’t in “hard-work” or “hitting the numbers”, be considered those admirable goals for “fools”. His words, not mine! His wisdom was this; “Enjoy your day. Not just today, but every day. And if you find yourself in a place no longer experiencing that joy, leave that place, run as fast as you can. There are plenty of places that will pay you, probably more, to be equally miserable. There are also places out there that foster joy. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your week, then month, year…enjoy your life. In a place like that, the numbers work out, and no one feels like they’re working hard because they’re driven by passion.” That may not be word for word, it was many years ago, but the message is simple. Since then, I have signed my communications with the statement, “Enjoy your day”, and for those who I am fortunate enough to work with, this is where it came from. The last thing he offered to me before we parted was his job. That’s right, he offered for me to take his position as CEO. The catch was that I had to trade the years of my life with him – to this day, I am not sure if he was a warlock that could’ve actually pulled it off with some kind of spell, but I would’ve declined regardless. After all, there are many more days to enjoy.

Working in insurance is one of many industries that could easily be one of those careers devoid of this passion. Any industry could. I practice a version of that CEO’s wisdom in every walk of my life to the best of my ability – to create joy; even in circumstances that may not naturally inspire it. While it can be said that “you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make it drink”; you know what leaders can do? We can make you thirsty. Who wouldn’t rather experience and foster joy, full time as a team, versus punch in for a passionless-paycheck and leave? The worst leaders ignore the emotions of their team. When someone entrusts a feeling, it might be that they’re “not adapting” or “no longer a fit for the role”. The good ones, consider these feelings and advocate enough to say they tried. The best, define genuine care for these entrusted feelings as a point in their NorthStar.

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Moral of the story, I have experienced many masters – so have you. Whether we appreciate them in the moment or not, some are enlightening our very soul and paving the way to success; whatever that definition is to you. Others are illuminating a path more clearly that could have lead to future setbacks, which is equally important. Wherever you chose to invest your time, enjoy your day, you’ll only have it once. Unless you share dinner with a warlock of course, but what are the chances…

I would love to hear the story and lesson from one of your experiences with a master, feel free to leave a comment or PM.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day.

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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