M.C. Grimm: Floatation Therapy Experience – Float On

A flotation therapy experience featuring meditation, relaxation, beings of light, and cosmic energies. This is the intense, other-worldly journey and review of the therapy as shared by M.C. Grimm.

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Today I had an experience.
I experimented with floatation therapy for the first time and if I could sum it up in one word, it would be this; Intense.

It took me a few minutes to get into the zone. That was 100% my fault, I didn’t originally go for the earplugs and found myself climbing back out in the dark to grab them. This delayed my immersion into the meditation and provided a regrettable opportunity to get some salt in my eyes. Lost a few more minutes with that. Moral of the story; follow the instructions they give you and you will get the most of your experience

Once I settled in, I found myself in a surreal trance, or perhaps its better to say that I lost myself.
At first, I was lulled by my heartbeat, until that also faded into the timeless expanse of my inner mind. I reached a point where I could no longer tell where my body ended and the water began. This is when I stopped trying to relax. I stopped taking inventory of the thoughts passing through my mind, as with any mediation, but suddenly – I was no longer within my body.

I opened my eyes as I had many times before, but in absolute darkness, there is obviously nothing to see. Settled in and apart from my body, it wasn’t as if I opened my eyes, but my minds eye. I was cosmic; a being of light adrift in the universe. It looked like I was a human shaped star, featureless and beaming with light. I saw infinite other beings of light scattered about. I am describing us as beings of light, the more distant ones as “stars”, because that is what it looked like when compared to the night sky. Honestly, the feeling wasn’t so scientifically defined, it was completely divine. There was no fusion or burning of gases, only a sense of oneness – of wholeness.

I was able to see through my own eyes and could look down at my body of light. Beside me sat another being of light. Though featureless as well, with curves and energy, I could sense her as a woman. She stood up and I raised my hand to her. She accepted it, held it gently, and walked in front of me before sitting again. She wrapped herself around me. Much like my physical body to the water, as our figures of light embraced I could no longer tell where I ended and she began.

As this being of light, I am infinite and eternal. I felt it as I have felt other massive happenings in my life that could only be defined as epiphanies. When these occur it does not feel like I have learned something new or experienced something for the first time, but rather that I am remembering something once forgotten. The beings of light, cosmic oneness and the woman to come, at once; I remembered.

Time flew by and before I knew it, my 60 minutes was up. I was left reeling in the emotions and feeling a bit nauseated. When the owner asked how my first time was, I could only reply with “intense” and “confusing”. I needed more time to process. I don’t believe my spirit reentered my body completely or perhaps to its original alignment and it manifested physically. It could be the fluctuation of my equilibrium from the sensory deprivation, but based on my feeling of being out-of-body and interactions with this woman of light, I feel the misalignment is more of my truth.

Finally summary for your float:
-Hydrate before you go in.
-Wear the earplugs.
-Be incredibly careful not to get any water in your eyes.
-I felt the float would be most rewarding when you are in a good place mentally; in a good mood.
-Be ready for an enlightening experience!

I recommend it and I will have to try again to see how much further I can go.

I’m not being paid and I know a good time when I see it. So if you’re in NY and looking to find a quality place where you can also bundle a massage for a total experience (which I plan to do next time): I can’t recommend Joey over at Mountain Float Spa enough. Check them out!

Thank you for checking in!

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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