C.M. Guido Presents: Secrets Playlist

Songs listened to religiously to write Secrets of the City of Gold! I’m sharing my playlist :)!

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Music is a big key in my inspiration process. It’s such a powerful component in triggering the creative facet of my mind. Writing Secrets of the City of Gold has been a ride, and no good ride is complete without good music.

Here are some of the songs I played on repeat:

A good song for Loredana, especially when she’s with Lorenzo! He could make anyone feel like a dangerous woman ;).
Another Loredana inspiration song! Perfect for her character!
Seville to Loredana
Lorenzo to Loredana
Seville & Lorenzo
One of the inspiration songs that sparked the barter between Seville and Loredana in the concept chapter. I believe it was more the idea that two people were making an agreement based on a gamble.
The other inspiration song that sparked the concept chapter. It plugged my head into the teasing idea of Loredana being a “goddess”.
This song is so much fun!
Sparked the meat of chapters 14-16.
Pure Seville.
The entire soundtrack was a huge inspiration in itself! Even the instrumentals were phenomenal for when I just needed to simply concentrate!
Huge. Huge inspiration for the entirety of Part 01.

Well, there you have it! The majority of my playlist regarding Secrets! Tell me which your favorite is!

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