C.M. Guido Presents: We’re Only Human

The thereafter mistakes we don’t catch until it’s too late, and learning to be okay with that.

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Secrets of the City of Gold is now out for purchase! It’s still surreal to me how I wrote an entire novel from start to finish. I have so many plot lines and concepts that were eventually abandoned due to either lack of interest, or a brighter idea simply took its place.

We’re human, it happens.

While I’m thrilled people are getting their copies in, I’m waiting like a patient little author for mine :D. My mother’s came in that she was gifting to two other people, wanting me to sign them (I won’t lie, it was an exciting feeling). It was my first contact with my book as a perfectly packaged golden bundle. I gingerly held it and turned the pages to examine the Word document I’d been staring at for the past ten months come to life as a treasured 6×9 paperback–like something I’d find in Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million.

And it was something I did.

The colors were perfect, the cover was decadent and opulent, everything I originally envisioned. Designed by President Grimes, this cover exceeded my expectations beautifully. I could not be happier with the finished product!

Of course, I had my favorite parts, so naturally I skipped to them first, haha. It was there I found something mortifying. Something I didn’t catch that I should have caught when signing off on the final edits. I overlooked a sentence.

“Even worse was the stinging glint from the sun’s rays that bounced off the mounds of golden tribute in the.” ….In the what, Concetta? Or should have been an omit of “in the” because I do say where the tribute was in the following sentence. So ya’ll get the idea.

So, what do you think I did? I went into shock, my mind screamed to stop the presses. But like anything else, I am human. I am capable of error, big enough to admit error, and say to myself that I’m not perfect. While my eyes catch the majority, I am not a Pokémon Master and cannot catch them all.

Perfection is in the mind and the eye of the beholder. Mistakes aside, I’ve crafted something amazing that Amazon reviews are reflecting positively! Perhaps I’m hard on myself because I am the author (still getting used to the new title!) and this is my debut into the literary world–my first impression of what everyone can expect from me. Oh yeah, I 100% put pressure on myself. No biggie.

But then I thought of something else…if Game of Thrones can have a Starbucks cup in scene and still be raved about (despite the ending), then I think I’ll be alright, hah. It just goes to show how something small against a bigger picture can be easily overlooked.

I was also reminded by the President of RPH of J.K. Rowling’s typos and errors in her books that were later corrected. Flawed, but still dearly and deeply loved.

Be sure to hold onto your copies, they might be worth something someday.

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