Don’t let this be the one that got away! Last day for a novel-promo from DC Caruso!

Don’t let this read be “the one that got away.” Add some romance in your life with a novel-promo from DC Caruso!

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Last chance to pick up Till Death Do Us Part in ebook for $.99 on amazon.

This gift goes out to all hopeless romantics and lovers of passion. At the stroke of midnight tonight, this woman’s journey through loss, love, and life will be back at regular price.

Please take the time to leave a review – it means the world to our authors.

“Emma Porter never liked her brother’s ex-girlfriend. She was fake, selfish, immature, and now she’s carrying his baby. Her brother’s unexpected death leaves Emma to take fate in her own hands in order to save his unborn child.
However, fate seems to have other plans for her in the form of a mysterious police lieutenant and her brother’s best friend.”

Happy reading!
-RPH Inc.

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