C.M. Guido Presents: Love for Secrets!

So much love!! Secrets has received so much love, oh wow! You guys, this is amazing!!

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With Secrets of the City of Gold releasing in just a few short days, I am overwhelmed in the best way with the amount of love that has been shown for it!

May be an illustration

My dear friend, Jade Skyline, is a fantastic artist. Her craft caters to the fandom of Hazbin Hotel (created by Vivienne Medrano). In this piece here, two Hazbin Hotel characters Angel Dust (left) and Alastor (right) are seated between an original character of mine, Harper (from another WIP project, Sugar). Harper is reading Secrets to Angel and Alastor, and I thought it was so clever how Jade added the actual cover in her piece! I love it!

If you’re interested in Jade’s work, I highly recommend checking her out on Twitter under, @derpyart_98.

My love surprised me with the biggest one, yet! He arranged for a Cameo with Voice Actor Richard Horvitz (best known for his work in Invader Zim, Angry Beavers, and a new work called Helluva Boss, where he plays a red imp named Moxxie). Mr. Horvitz proceeds to congratulate me in all three voices, as well as a cameo by the man himself, haha. It was so well done! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did! I need to figure out how to send the man a copy now!

Secrets has received so much love, and I am so thankful!

When the book releases, everyone, post a picture with yourself and your copy of the book! I want to know all about your adventuring with Loredana, Seville, and Lorenzo!

My heart is so full right now, thank you, everyone!!

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