M.C. Grimm: Growing Together

An insight into our life as infinite, growing beings and a brief analogy to deepen the understanding of the Self.

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In addition to my epic-fantasy series, I’m creating a workbook. It was inspired from training with the coaching service here at Radiant Publishing House.

My workbook is called Growing Together and it’s in preliminary stages – brainstorming if you will. It is being designed with self-care/improvement foremost in mind and extends to how our individual growth can influence our partner, family, community, and the world.

A rough, unofficial graphic

I’ve learned so much from these aspects of coaching and I am amazed to find how much correlates to every part of my life. Let’s use entrepreneurial coaching as an example. Some of those practices include; beginning with the end in mind (before you might hire someone, creating a job description of tasks and qualifications), holding myself accountable (setting a schedule, alerts, and being invested in those events in their due time), or extending trust and networking (creating working relationships, setting clear expectations, and fulfilling commitments.)

You see how that can relate to wellness? The end in mind being to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply live a healthier lifestyle – an exact, measurable goal. Be accountable by maintaining the hours of intermittent fasting and doing exercises tailored to your body. Network by including family and friends in your plan so that they support your routine and maybe don’t bring you those giant Reese’s cups as your birthday gift.

Or your relationship. Or in your career. Or your spiritual journey. It’s all connected on as finite or infinite of a scale as you can imagine.

Hence, the inspiration and a small part of my next work with RPH.

Alas, the true purpose of this post is to share a thought with you.
There is an analogy I think of while brainstorming this workbook:

I envisioned us as trees. Early life, we are saplings that are more delicate. Storm winds bend our very trunk and we are fearful of even mild winters. Sometimes we might see larger creatures near us and awe at their greatness – wondering what it would be like to be so near the sun. Yet, with the water of those same storms do we grow. The chill of winter thickens our bark so that season after season do we grow stronger and more hardy against the sway of those winds. Without noticing, we dwarf those we once considered giants and as we rise into the canopy beyond, we find ourselves admiring true behemoths! All the while we have learned to question, “is there another canopy further up?” As we grow up, our roots sink deeper. They tap into resources we could never see or know exist and instinctively – we harness them.

I encourage you to find your own meaning, but I can provide a bit of interpretation:

The storms and winters are our challenges. Sometimes we lose limbs or splinter and are forced to adapt or – grow in another direction.
The sun is our passions. Rays of dreams we continuously strive for. They feed and empower us to be more than we were the season before.
Those giants are our heroes and teachers. They are sometimes our parents and siblings. Even those novels and movies that shape our values and give us thought on other lives we could live. We never forget the lessons and always treasure them as the invaluable foundations of our later wisdom.
The roots are our understanding of the self, life, and the universe. Call it instincts, fate, destiny, god – call it anything but coincidence.

We are not a singular, lone tree – we are an endless forest.
May you forever be growing together, in every walk you choose.

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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