M.C. Grimm: Farewell Cher

Sometimes, those close to your life or even part of your family aren’t healthy for you. When that happens, its time to part ways and its not only healthy – but for the best.

This weekend, we said goodbye to our rooster, Cher. This one’s for you buddy.

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If you’ve followed this blog for the past year or so, you’ve been introduced to our flock of divas in posts like this one here. To sum it up, my wife and I purchased some adorable little chicks with the intention of having some home-farmed eggs. Remember these babies from their introductory photo shoot?

We received these adorable, fluffy babies and named them after some of the most iconic divas of our lifetime. Cher, Bonnie, Whitney, Stevie, Madonna, and Dolly.

These hens are so friendly, well-behaved, and curious!

But, of the 6 hens we ordered, one daring little rooster found his way into our life. Cher surprised us all. His first word was, “Fernando.” Hear it?

For the most part, he wasn’t a bad rooster. Every morning when he’d crow and while it was pretty darn loud, all I heard was “do you believeeeee”. He was a guard rooster as well, alerting the neighborhood when someone came into our driveway… or left their headlights on… or had a backyard fire…. or was doing yard work… Okay, maybe he did crow a lot, but it had its charms. After all, he helped us with a bunch of photo shoots when he got older.

Alas, the neighbors were less appreciative of his deep, baritone singing. Additionally, he was fairly aggressive towards my wife to the point where she and I discussed some slow-cooking recipes. I’m just saying, when someone as loving and kind as she is thinks abut cutting off your head – you need to reflect on what kind of rooster you are… Cher wasn’t one to be that mindful and so, it was time to part ways.

Cher was adopted by a wonderful local family who has more space and a family of hens for him to watch over. I will kind of miss you Cher, but I know its for the best.

So, in honor of this farewell and in true fashion of irony – farewell, Cher. This goes out to you!

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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