C.M. Guido Presents: Choices

What is your driving force? What pulls you to make the choices in your life?

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Excerpt of Chapter 12:

My eyes drew downward as she set the map between us. “It’s not what we have to lose; it’s what there could be to gain.”

Then again, it was that ideology that got me into the mess I was in to begin with.

“What say you, then?” She pressed. “Are you in?”

I glanced back to Mortekai, whose eyes were upon us. Untouched drink and map rested heavily betwixt two saddened and hungry souls.


Our lives banked on the choices we made, gambling them to chance; each on a balanced scale that tipped accordingly. So much to gain as there was to lose, but all I could think about was the former. My mind saturated and honed in on the possibility of winning the most important thing to me back.

“I’m in.”


While in the final editing stages, Mike has been picking nuggets of quotes he’s been loving. Such as the aforementioned, and I really wanted to have these memorable quotes that ring true in everyday life. My own takeaways for my readers to either bring comfort to, or relate to. However it is to be interpreted.

Sure, we can harp on the negatives. We can think of everything that could do wrong and ultimately, that could deter us from making the right call based on–you guessed it–fear.

In that moment, while Seville is saying this, he thinks of his failures. Every loss that has brought him to this point in life before making such an altering decision. Granted, it’s not easy. Choices hardly are that are destined to make such a huge impact. But, as he’s weighing them ever so carefully, he thinks of the one positive outcome that could come out of this: Rosita.

If he does this thing, he possibly has a greater chance of getting his daughter back. What this thing is–well, you’ll have to read for yourself.

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Does this sound familiar? We have that one driving force that will eventually push us in the direction of where we should/think we should go. And sometimes we need those motivators. Nothing wrong with that!

And then there’s Loredana…who is a mess.

Basketball Wives Mess GIF by VH1 - Find & Share on GIPHY

She’s my character, I can admit it.
Not even a hot mess.
She’s just a straight up mess.
But I digress…

It’s their problems, their mistakes, and their messes that make them relatable. Their beautifully crafted flaws. Just as their choices and their driving forces behind it. While each of them should be weighed justly, there is almost always going to be a pull that takes the reins.

While some may lead to uncomfortable mistakes, and even some failures–to piggyback one of my more recent posts, some of what feels like our greatest failures come to be the beginnings of even bigger successes.

And yes, I made the choice for this to be all over the place. Sometimes it’s like that. And I’m not the least bit sorry.

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