C.M. Guido Presents: Trust the Process, Scare Yourself a Little

Surefire paths aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be.

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I don’t think we trust ourselves enough. I don’t think we trust processes because we’re so determined to reach the other side from the starting point. Go from Point A to Point B without considering the in between.

Hold the Vision Trust the Process - Quote Decal – Kanded Walls

And that goes for anything. Writing, life, that project you just don’t know what to do with. You know what you want to have happen, but are unsure of where to begin.

Just do it. Because you have the most valuable thing in front of you: Your vision.

Don't Give Up, The Beginning is Always The Hardest. - Daily Qoutes ||  Islamic Qoutes || Quran Verses || Hadith || Respscted Quotes || Personality  Quotes

Your vision will always be your beacon. And what does a beacon do? It shines, it shines bright as hell to guide you to wherever your destination leads. But first you must accept the path because your destination will not come to you.

You must be willing to walk it. And that’s where there are so many roads less taken because they haven’t been traveled.

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Whatever your process is, trust it. Embrace fear, change, and the unknown–you know why? There’s so much more to learn in your travels. The only thing to regret is not having done it at all.

Trust yourself more, leave footprints in your path, and follow that vision. Scare yourself a little, I dare you~.

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