M.C. Grimm: Valentine’s Day – it’s tomorrow

A reflection before an honorable day of love. Answering questions like: How can I make my lover feel extra special on Valentine’s Day? What is love? How does self-respect impact your ability to love? What are the five love languages and what do they mean?

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Some might call it “A Hallmark Holiday”, but I disagree. I believe any day dedicated to celebrate love should be a global holiday. Or maybe we could simply dedicated some time every day to practice this, but that’s a post for another time.

If tomorrow will be about celebrating love, we should first ask, “What is love?”
If you said, “Baby, don’t hurt me.” You’re amazing and please comment down below so we can be super-cool friends.

There are many definitions, after all, love can also be a noun. Something that you will notice is that they typically all have to do with something or someone outside of yourself – we’ll get back to that in a moment. For now, we must recognize that self-love is essential. If you don’t love and appreciate yourself, you may find yourself incapable of giving love and appreciation in a way that speaks true to your soul or can be felt/appreciated by your intended. I’ll give you a few examples to the importance of self-love.

I love Luna, my parents, sister, and friends.
I love tacos and pizza.
I love dungeons and dragons.

What do all these things have in common? I
I am the binding factor. I am what gives that passionate feeling life and empowers love to grow. Self-love is about appreciating and loving yourself, not in a vain “I’m the best thing ever” kind of way, but in a “I’m worthy and living my best self” kind of way. When you are overflowing with love is when you can truly share your soul with the world – or that one special person.

Back to how the definitions of love speak to something outside of yourself. That’s because: that’s the goal isn’t it? I mean, you finding happiness and love is great and all, but it’s meant to be shared, nay; inspired to those around you! Let’s be real, you likely don’t always feel all warm and fuzzy, but find that passion reignited by some special people in your life. It works both ways. When your low on love, those special souls refill you. And when they are low on love, you reciprocate. While this is again a whole additional post, I encourage you to give it to those who may not give it back to you – they may just be hurting, leaking-love if you will.

So how can you make someone feel loved? Well, this is where it is outside of yourself. This is where, even with the best intentions to help someone, make them feel special, or declare your love – it’s not about you! That’s right, it’s about the other person’s love language. I wrote a bit about this some time ago, but tomorrow being what it is, this is particularly important to reflect. What makes your lover feel good? Is it a compliment? Gift? Attention? Massage? Taking care of the chores? Remember this is not about your love language or any “I would love it if someone took me to dinner!” No, what really brings your lover joy?

This is an exercise in how well do you know your loved ones. What brings them joy? I always recommend an honest approach, there is nothing wrong with asking, “How can I make you truly feel the depth of love I have for you?” Trust me, everyone wants to be satisfied, so if you really want to show how much you care, and you’re unsure what to do this Valentine’s Day; care enough to ask.

Share your ideas or questions below. We have a few hundred readers that I’m sure would love to help make your day extra special. What do you plan to do for your loved one(s) for Valentine’s Day?

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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