C.M. Guido Presents: Gold is Everywhere, if You Know Where to Look

Rosita continued to stare with her half-lidded eyes, expecting an answer. “You know what I think? I think that El Dorado is what you make it to be.” I leaned in to brush my lips upon her tiny brow. “And you, my little love, are papa’s El Dorado.”
-Secrets of the City of Gold, Ch. 01

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So, I think Seville said it best. In a world where we’re seeking wealth and riches galore, I think an eternal City of Gold is what you make it to be. And yes, while money does make the world go round and help provide to attain and maintain lifestyles, it’s what you do with it beyond that is what truly makes the difference.

Because you can have all the gold and wealth you desire, but what does it mean if you have no one to share it with? And I think that was the exact message I was trying to convey with Seville.

Everyone makes mistakes.

This is how life is, it’s as fluid as it is ongoing. However, Seville’s mistakes costed him gravely. Here’s a man wanting to provide for his family, with his heart in the right place, but his execution was askew. Rather than putting in the time with the vineyard, he gambles it thinking fortune would be in his favor and he could double his wealth.

Some risks just weren’t worth taking.

Now, the man has two options–he could learn from them and pick himself back up, or he could continue to follow the same path and take absolutely nothing away from losing the greatest treasure he’d ever have.

What would a City of Gold be then at that point? And perhaps you don’t even need an epic adventure like he did to really understand…

So, that leads into my next question, what is golden in your life? What builds your Golden Empire?

You don’t even have to respond here, but I’d like for you to reflect on it! Sometimes, we lose ourselves in the fray of life that we forget what’s really important to us, what our focus is, and why we’re even doing what we do to begin with.

But it’s never too late to remember and redirect.

Because like Seville, he has a choice. Just like everyone else, and it’s what we do with our choices that determine our outcomes.

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