C.M. Guido Presents: A World of Inspiration–The Inception of Secrets.

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I want to ask, what inspires you?

Reflecting back on my journey from start to finish (all six months) of the first rough draft of Secrets of the City of Gold, I recalled blips of sitting in the patrol car at work, listening to creative covers of “It’s Tough to be a God” from the 2000 animated Dreamwork’s film, The Road to El Dorado, and “The Other Side” from the 2017 film, The Greatest Showman.” Both songs, might I add, were accomplished by the incredibly talented YouTube star, Annapantsu.  

But even further back, I remember getting that familiar pinch of nostalgia to uncover the cherished film, and now as an adult, I watched it with a completely different perspective, with addition of catching all of the fun adult innuendos I didn’t catch as a youngster. I remember asking myself, “But what are its origins?” Just like I do with Disney films, I can’t just be content with the story as is. I needed to know where they came from.

And what do you think I did next? I did hours upon hours of exciting research.

It’s amazing how certain songs, quotes, or even phrases could spark an idea that could lead to something amazing. If there is ever a seedling of an idea budding inside of you, let it sprout. You never know what it could blossom into.

Actually, those two songs in particular had flickered something else entirely that the President of RPH had turned around and said, “This is great and all! But, this isn’t where you begin.”

Then I asked myself, “Then where is the beginning?”

And don’t think I answered that within minutes or even overnight. It took patience and time, penning down ideas and concepts until they eventually smoothed out and blended together that made sense to tell an amazing story.

Characters will have a way of letting you know what’s up, take you by the pen in whatever direction they choose to. I know it sounds crazy, but my fellow artists I’m sure will agree. It had begun with Seville and Loredana gambling against one another in Mortekai’s tavern, and then they both just kind of said, “Tell our stories, Wordy Lady.”

And thus Part One was conceived and fleshed out.

Where you begin is of your own choosing, wherever you feel the story is right to start. What does the setting say to you? Where do you think it will go? The only thing to do is to follow it. Everything is a stepping stone towards a greater entity. Whatever gets your heart pumping and your mind churning. We all have a story to tell, and I’d love to hear/read yours, someday :).

Check out the afforementioned songs!

Annapantsu & Elsie Lovelock made an amazing pair!
Annapantsu & Cami-Cat killed it!!!

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