CM Guido and her photo-shoot adventure!

We loved the chance to have a photo-shoot with our newest published author of adventure, CM Guido. How else do you get the single back-of-book shot if not by first taking 300? Find some sneak peaks inside El Dorado, the City of Gold – coming soon!

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We know what you’re going to say. “Is a photo-shoot really necessary for that one author picture on the back of the book?”
To that, we at RPH reply, “Is having fun ever necessary?”
“Yes,” adds the entertainment industry.

Our newest author, CM Guido, was happy to take on the quest for her best shot! She was in focus of a most talented photographer and entrepreneur, Kristy, of Our Secret Cakes. Before you continue, if you’re a fan of our friend Lingo the flamingo, I regret to inform you that he has traveled south for the winter and isn’t expected back until April 2021. Luckily, CM possesses the strength and courage not only for this shoot, but to also discover the city of El Dorado in her upcoming novel – Secrets of the City of Gold.

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First, we would like to share with you some remarkable honorable mentions:

When there are eyes that need rolling, we will always find a way to help.

Before revealing the winning, final image, it’s always important to know what takes place behind the scenes. When Lingo is on holiday, we have to reach out to baby Maddie of Keronkson to unlock those inner smiles. So many shenanigans and household-clutter that take place in the background.

While every photo was glamorous, the perfect one was captured.
At last, CM Guido selected her winning photograph – a stunning capture of this soon-to-be sensation. Congratulations, we look forward to sharing your work with the world!

CM Guido, Adventure Author with RPH Inc.

As a blog follower, you have an early access, sneak-peak inside the city of El Dorado with the introduction and first chapter here. To learn more about CM Guido’s, including life adventures and future literary creations, check out her blog and subscribe to RPH in the sidebar.

Thank you for checking in!

Best regards,
President of RPH Inc.

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