M.C. Grimm: Pets

Pets bring a wealth of love and happiness into our home. Come share your photos, stories, and recommendations for your fellow animal lovers. Post your photos and stories in the comments – we want to see your furry friends!

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Whether furry, scaled, feathered, or hairless, pets bring daily joys to our lives. There’s no question that we share our home with the animal kingdoms because of the companionship and whimsical experiences they bring with them.

And how they come into our lives is a story in itself… Went for a walk and pet a stray cat? Well now it’s sleeping on your laptop. Setup a recovered tank you found on garbage day? Here you are tending to coral and a school of little nemo’s. Friend moving and can’t take their dog? Welcome to your new home Max! Lifetime friendships made at once.

I bet you never imagined what trim molding would taste like until your dog ate it. You probably never googled “how to fix torn couch” until the cat scratched it. But that doesn’t change what you would do for these small bundles of affection!

For me at this point in my life, it’s these hens (notice how I didn’t mentioned a rooster?) they’re so good! They enjoy our photo-ops and provide some nourishment for the family. They also are super friendly most of the time. While we had to plan and build for them, we did actually order them online and they were shipped in a box via usps – not during the current holiday delays, thank goodness! All 6 of our flock arrived safe and sound and we had them warm and fed right away. Once I heard those little peeps, I knew this was going to be an incredible adventure! Next, one of the chicks was playing dungeons and dragons, err – walking around the grid with adorable malice.
Some might say chickens aren’t pets, but to that I ask…have you ever even had chickens?

Feel free to share some of your pets below and the story of how they found their way into your heart 🙂

If you’re looking to add some wonderful member to your home, please check out and support your local rescue shelter.

With love, M.C. Grimm

1 comments on “M.C. Grimm: Pets”

  1. They grow up so fast D’:
    As annoying as the rooster is, I can’t believe you left him out!! Raising the chickens was definitely a wonderful experience I’m glad we shared (and still do). Now if we can be as successful with our little human, we’re set!

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