M.C. Grimm: The Power of Becoming

To be successful in exercising The Power of Becoming and realizing your best self – takes quite a selfless act. How wearing many hats to juggle your life may help you in evolving as an individual.

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Imagine everyday as an opportunity to rediscover yourself – because it is.
To choose a version of who you are to be your best possible self. I often find myself in a state of reflection, seeking growth of skill, attitude, and character to append to a situation or moment. I’ll speak for myself and hope others might relate that it can be discouraging at times to look back on some decisions made in haste that were less-than-ideal. Where yesterday’s challenges may have created tomorrows troubles when it could’ve been avoided with a simple choice of words or actions. Yet, this is often what we find to be a matter of Life. With consciousness, we learn from our mistakes so as not to repeat them. With will, we become stronger through the hardships that are sometimes inflicted on us from the universe, but most often; from ourselves.

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Perhaps it is fate, destiny, the will of god, or the flow of the universe; who am I to know anything about that(?), but I do believe everything happens for a reason even when it may not be clear in the moment. As a romantic, I often find myself defining how this relates to both myself and my wife as our story is quite cosmic. Quite simply put, in order to be the best husband I could be, I must really be conscious of the man I am. I feel that we must be respectful, kind, and strong individually in order to be respectful, kind, and strong as a family.

*Credited to artist contributions at Pixabay.com*

The Power of Becoming is largely about adaptation and self-nurturing.
Are you able to become the best version of yourself? Who do you think that is and why? I would bet if you ask yourself this every day, and define it every day – it will change. The reason being that your perception of what is “best” is defined with your growth. Also, your life takes on new forms that require different roles from you. Today, you parent needs you to be a silent ear for them while they take on a health challenge. Tomorrow, your spouse needs you to be a supportive partner as they take on a new job. Next week, your child needs you to be a figure of authority or simply; more-involved because they are acting out in an unhealthy way. In these situations, at no point do we cease being a child, partner, or parent while focusing on another of our roles. Yet, to be our “best” self, you most grow further into that role while not sacrificing one for another. As a masterpiece of the universe, we are never truly complete and yet – we are whole all along. In summary, perhaps indiscriminate compassion and patience focused inward is key to discovering your best self. In any of these roles can you learn the “trick”, the approach that works for you, the kung-fu or attitudes and perspective that can be applied in a vast array of worldly challenges.

*Credited to artist contributions at Pixabay.com*

I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments on how many hats you wear and how you balance them all to be your best self. If you’re struggling with this, I’m here for you and so is the community of mysterious and warm-hearted followers to mcgrimm.blog.

I may write a book about this…consider “The Power of Becoming” copyright!

With love,
M.C. Grimm

*Photos credited to artist contributions at pixabay.com*

1 comments on “M.C. Grimm: The Power of Becoming”

  1. With having many roles in my life so far being a wife, mother and career woman. Making sure my children had all the love and support as they were growing giving them a college education, set them off on their career paths and finding their love 💘of their lives as they settle down to start a new chapter in their lives makes my husband and myself very happy to acknowledge and say that we actually achieved by being good parents. ( Being a parent taught me a lot took a lot of patience, tough love, heart ❤ache and tears and it was very well worth it).
    Having my husband by my side and support has driven me to be a better person and achieve whatever I decide do so watch out Wonder Woman

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