M.C. Grimm: The Forces of Donahay

If you believe in curses, read no further. To speak his very name will give you a lifetime of ill-fortune. However, should you wish to learn more on the dark-realm of the arcane arts…specifically in regards to the demigod of domination, Donahay – read on…

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Donahay is a human sorcerer in the world of  Radiant Heroes with a specialty in domination magics; more commonly known as mind control. For the greatest of wizards (students of the arcane arts) and sorcerers (born with the ability), control of a few minds would prove a most daunting task. Understandably, manipulating the actions of so many minds simultaneously is of unfathomable levels of complicated. However, Donahay can control an entire continent at once with relative ease…but how?

Donahay was born with natural gifts to manipulate the elements and became quickly attuned to the element of the energy within all living things. He dedicated his life towards mastering that element over simple fireballs and walls of ice. However, he realized that before he could truly master mind-control, he would likely have died of old age. So, he enrolled in the esteemed magical college of Silvermoon in the Radiant Empire. Here he could learn the arts on prolonging his life, as the most talented wizards had done for thousands of years. The only condition of enrolling in this school was that you could not come and simply take knowledge. You must also; bring something to the table. Therefore, in exchange for the secrets of extending his life, Donahay shared the early findings of mind control.

Credited to artist contributions at Pixabay.com

After receiving the instruction he sought, Donahay left the college; taking his more developed research with him. Soon after, he perfected his ability to dominate others. This skill would be especially effective against those of lesser will and intelligence than himself. Being a skilled sorcerer and studied mage, this means that most would succumb to his commands with only a brief eye contact. Others could be taken over with as little as an incantation.

Utilizing the manpower of his “supporters” and his accumulated magical talents, Donahay sought immortality and deemed himself worthy to take his place among the heavens as a god. He was successful in tearing into the realm above, but did not find what he expected.

The remnants of his machinations from these days of breaching the heavens are still levitating in the clouds…. on slabs of the earth ripped from earths loving embrace.

Credited to artist contributions at Pixabay.com

Those most clever of you brave adventurers will have realized at this time that you were never told how he was able to control so many minds… or the things he could make you do… or how long it lasts…

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Thank you for checking in – happy adventuring!

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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