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I always enjoy reading about things that inspire passion. Sometimes its a flame in someone else that can spark a fire in you. When creative minds gather with their collective energies, you can start something wild that creates some world shaping/life changing/ mood enhancing happenings. So today, brought on by a magnificent post by C.M. Guido and titled Creative Inaccuracies, I wanted to share some all time favorite books of mine that never cease to encourage me to burn bright. Concetta, thank you for the inspiration! And readers, know this was incredibly challenging to select a top 3, so check out some honorable mentions at the end.

Firstly, the Tao Te Cheng. I know what you’re think, “So a book that a guy who supposedly lived 996 years and journeyed through the land on the back of an ox writing philosophy…is one of your favorites?” Yes! The thoughts are resounding, in such a way that if you read an entry and meditate on it for a moment, I would be willing to bet that any person who is capable of having an epiphany, you WILL have one. I found many of my own thoughts or emotions that I may have had trouble putting into words, were written here. At times, in a language more clear than my own thoughts. Some of the lines I even found in lyrics and I’m unsure if it was intentional or coincidental. “Colors blind the eyes, sounds deafen the ears, flavors numb the taste…” The Irony of Dying of Your Birthday by Senses Fail and an entry of the Tao Te Cheng.

Credited to artist contributions at pixabay.com

Next up we have, The Secret. Now whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, I personally have experienced so many wonderful happenings that I can not deny it – I am proof such things exist. I was first turned onto this book by author D.C. Caruso and she still practices some of these exercises like she did here in her blog post. Whether or not this is your cup of tea is up to you. However, I can say that anyone with an open mind or simply one looking to better their life and mental well-being will find healthy exercises and inspiration in these pages. If you’re as fortunate as I am, you will find true-magic.

Credited to artist contributions at pixabay.com

Since all great things come in 3’s, finally is the Harry Potter series. And if you’re a fan of audio-books, Harry Potter has some of the best I have ever heard! Second only to that upcoming Radiant Heroes audio-book Josh Cronan is in process of recording. Come on, I’m a fantasy author, you knew this would be here. Magic, monsters, mystery, and drama; what could go wrong? You know you created something amazing when there’s a theme park built in its image. (psst I strongly recommend the butter beer!)

Credited to artist contributions at pixabay.com

Narowing down to three is impossible, I went with the first 3 that came to mind in the interest of fairness when considered passion-building books. Some honorable mentions: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Brave New World (old but good), The Immoralist, The Underground Man, Mindfulness, The Art of Happiness, 4 Disciplines of Execution, Choices, and many many more.

Leave some of your recommended reading down in the comments please!

Alas, it’s always a pleasure when you check in. Please keep an eye out for teasers on my upcoming epic-fantasy novel Radiant Heroes Ep.2 Beyond Horizons, and thank you for all your love and support!

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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