M.C. Grimm: An Artist Community of Photo, Video, and More!

I wanted to share an amazing tool for photos and video with you and highlight some artwork – this is especially for all you creators out there! – M.C. Grimm


There have been numerous occasions where people have asked where I get the photos for my posts. Most times, they are some original or relevant captures from my life experiences. I am fortunate to have a camera on me 99% of the time and inspiration to capture the moments.

Sometimes it’s designs specific to Radiant Heroes as I look to share the legend! Sure it’s marketing, but I am doing my best to survive in this wild world – help me out and enjoy something wonderful! Check out the store if you’d like.

Then there are many occasions where what I wish to write about is not something I have photos/video readily at hand to share and highlight. Thanks to the marvelous contributions by artists to Pixabay.com, I have been able to share their content and make these wordy-rants leap off the page (hopefully).

The purpose of today’s post was to recognize the community available to all of us appreciators of art and new-to-the-world creators – support your local artist and buy their work if you like it. I can’t recommend it enough for a reference and highligting tool and great source of reasonable and dedicated professionals.

Not paid for or endorsed by pixabay, just a happy user.

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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