M.C. Grimm: On a Hot Summer Night – A Twilight Stroll

M.C. Grimm challenges you to a night of adventure, soul searching, and rediscovery – if living is your kind of thing.

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Inspired by the half-elf Nova and a Meatloaf song, I have been excited for the stars to rise tonight. I’ve written a post in the past (that I can’t find!) about how a simple change of scenery could make any aspect of life new and exciting – how visiting a day-time familiar place at night could be a new place altogether. Or how that inspiring morning walk with a loved one could become a reflective starlit encounter of appreciation and soul searching.

Similar to how painting a room in your house brings a new energy or feeling, as does painting the world a color of streetlamps, moon-glow, and starlight. Watch how to hot black asphalt of a sun-kissed parking lot transforms into a picturesque album cover or romantic stage for a twilight dance with your partner. The playground you’re too old to go on during the day? No judgement now! And, I wonder if your dog likes slides?

Your laundry, dishes, and the next episode of whatever keeps you in that chair – all that can wait! I promise it will all be there when you get back from your 30 minute twilight walk (especially the dishes, no one will do them for you).

So tonight, I challenge you to a night of adventure, soul searching, and rediscovery – if living is your kind of thing. Pick your favorite creature (human or animal) or even just your most precious pair of shoes and go for a walk somewhere you once thought familiar. Bring your flashlight and phone for safety, but tonight is about embracing the world as it is in the darkness – so be sure to turn it off until your eyes adjust and truly appreciate the beauty of the night.

Don’t even take the time to think of an excuse, just go =)

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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