Life with C.M. Guido–Let’s Talk About Haters


Good evening, everyone! On today’s blog post, I’d like to hit a talking point that I don’t think we talk enough about.


I think we’ve all dealt with haters at one point of our lives or another, or maybe you’re dealing with it now, like I am. I think it kind of comes with the territory. After all, as the saying goes, “we can’t please the world.”

Then I got to thinking, and then, my fiancé shared a Grant Cardone video with me on this very topic.

Grant Cardone, for those who don’t know, is an author who is also an investor, and has many YouTube videos on a varying number of topics. One of which involves dealing with haters. I’ll link you to the video below.

So, Mr. Cardone says:

  • “-They’re not even talking to you.
  • -They’re always anonymous.
  • -They’re extremely self-centered as we’ve made them think about themselves. Our success reminds them of what they don’t do.
  • -The hater promotes the person they’re hating on by drawing attention to him/her.
  • -They are not the person to fear, but the person who chooses to listen and distributes the hate… they’re weak people.”

Funnily enough, the year this video was published was the year I chose to close the door on some toxic, negative, and destructive people who very well may or may not be the culprit of this particular hate. I don’t talk to them, I can see them wanting to see me fail, and that my growth makes them uncomfortable. And you know why? I’m not where I left them.

And all this does is make me want to try harder, because I’m not deterred and I’m not shaken. I don’t lie, nor do I steal. These are people who probably checked up on me, saw I was making moves with myself, and tried to drive a wedge in there by trying to paint me in a poor light.

Now, I have all the tools to work with in order to confront them. You know what? I’m not even going to waste my time, and neither should any others dealing with hate. Because you can’t logically deal with a bag of mixed nuts—especially if you’re allergic, like I am.

To handle haters, I feel (and this is me talking now, not Mr. Cardone (who’s fabulous, mind you, highly recommend him)) we need to be true and honest with ourselves. We need to be real, and not many people are comfortable with that. That’s okay, the right people will. My circle is so much smaller than it was ten years ago. Those people are the ones you’ll want in your life.

And if you’re still plucking weeds in that circle, that’s more than okay. These things take time.

I’m not going to lie to those reading this—not everyone is going to like us. Really, we need to like ourselves, primarily. I know haters seem negative, but really they’re positive. It took me a hot minute to realize that, myself. If we’re making moves, that’s great. Keep moving. Keep growing. Because as much as the haters want that frozen standstill from their words, honey, thaw it. Just keep going. While their narrow world is closing in on them, we’re redirecting that hate and moving onto to bigger and better things, as planned.

For those interested in the aforementioned video above:

Everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps anyone who may need it. And, as always:

Keep moving.
Keep growing.
Just keep going.

Now, I think I’ll go listen to some 3LW.

2 comments on “Life with C.M. Guido–Let’s Talk About Haters”

  1. Exactly, don’t let them get to you! Keep doing what you love and stay true to yourself. Also, I love the 3LW reference at the end, I just put on the song, haven’t heard it in years!

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