M.C. Grimm: Reading through quarantine, a free contest, and the contestants!

A fantasy read through these unusual times and a photo opp to win a prize…what could go wrong? =)

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I’m a huge fan of contests and marketing and such, but never really thought much about it. I like to see “share this and you could win a free ….” because I believe that we should leave feedback and help our fellow consumer find enjoyable things/products. We should recognize when things work as they should and entertain as they should because how often do you spend money on something, think you’re getting a deal and end up buying the right thing later on?

Aside from reviews, it’s the contests I truly enjoy. Filling out surveys gets old fast, they’re plain and not in anyway entertaining, but when a vendor asks you to take a photo with their ice cream and the best one wins a free cone – well, I’ll put it on my head and have a grand old time with it!

This contest is different, sure; it’s a lottery not a vote, but still – have fun with it!

Here are our contestants so far! It’s not too late to get in on this, you can take a photo holding up your eBook too!

Contest is to win free 16×20 poster!

Post a photo with your copy of M.C. Grimm’s latest edition of Radiant Heroes to on any of our pages, on yours and tag us, post it here, or use #radiantheroes.

Winner will be announced April 1st!

To pick up your copy of Episode I: A Fantastic Youth – click the link here!

Radiant Heroes – Episode I: A Fantastic Youth

Thank you for checking in. stay safe, and enjoy your day!

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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