M.C. Grimm: Hero Files – The Dark Paladin

Hero File of The Dark Paladin. Could we call him a hero? Here is the beginning of a tale, let’s see where it leads. This order of paladins and monks was renown for their prowess in battle, what could dampen their conviction?

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In the world of Radiant Heroes; there’s an ancient tale about of a great evil…

As with most great evils, the early motives and character of the Dark Paladin were pure and as righteous as they come. For none were so righteous and true as the elite paladins and monks of the Radiant Empire; known as the Gallant.

The order of the Gallant began with the birth of the nation. Their conviction and loyalty laid with the king and the maker them-self. “Their might upholds the weak, their words speak only truth, their heart knows only virtue,” etc.

As the order became further renown, the paladins and monks of the Gallant were called upon more often to execute the will of the king; the voice of the maker. Their missions became less in-tune with the values of their origin and more focused on the king’s vision of the empire. Eventually, as with all great orders, came a time where they reached their peak of power and the balance of morality shifted. Some of these heroes abandoned the order altogether, otherwise sought to make changes from within while the few in power believed appeasing the king was fulfilling their purpose. Those that remained found themselves hunted. Killed off and murdered, one by one. These elite warriors dwindled in number, unable to reveal the assassin until only a hand full remained. It was at this time the leader, revealed himself as the assassin. Claiming that the unworthy and non-believers had to be removed to make the order pure and satisfy the will of the maker. Otherwise did submit to his will, but our “Dark Paladin” did not.

A great battle ensued, stories say that it lasted for hours as our hero(?) fought and lay slain the remaining members of the Gallant order. It was no victory. As he knelt upon the chamber floor, exhausted and soaked in the blood of those once his brothers and sisters, he contemplated his actions. The oath, his life and training, his commitment to the order, and the fabric of his very soul.

It was in the moment that a darkness awoke within him. His morality was undefined. His actions challenged his oath. Disagreement and emotion did not invalidate a promise made by one’s heart; not to a paladin. For a moment, he thought of ending his life, until he picked up his sword and watched the blood run and drip. Within his oath, his instability invented a new understanding. Within this oath, he could justified what was to come…

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**Artwork is credited to artist contributions at pixabay.com**

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