M.C. Grimm: Radiant Heroes Episode II Excerpt – for your reading pleasure!

A brief excerpt from the upcoming Radiant Heroes Episode II by M.C. Grimm!

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I’m not one to tease you, but I am so excited with how the story is progressing. I am very near having it ready for a final edit. Your patience is beyond wonderful and I am thrilled to deliver you my best possible sequel!

Here is an excerpt, a teaser, from the upcoming Radiant Heroes Episode II by M.C. Grimm!

{ A steady inhale filled her lungs. Exhale; Gwynn moved with  reflexes of pure adrenaline, raising her bow with unwavering focus and her eyes locked on to her target like a bird of prey. In this singular fluid motion she had notched, pulled, and released. Before her arrow could have crossed even half of the distance, she had thrown her bow to the ground and torn Rayne loose from the dirt to charge.

            The blue flicker of light cut through the night air with a whistle. The Axeman watched it as if in slow motion, weighing the most challenging means of avoiding death. He reached up, grabbed one of the long-handled axes from his back, and brought it down on the arrow – splitting it cleanly in two pieces.

            It wasn’t until the arrow head had been split that he could feel electricity pulsing through his hands and up his arms. The blue flickering arrow held a pulse of pure lightning and The Axeman smiled as he felt the rush of pain surge through his body. He stood, for  a fraction of a moment, paralyzed.

            Following quickly behind the arrow, most observers saw only the green blur of Gwynn’s armor. For The Axeman, this was quite different. The excitement grew as his heart began to race; paralyzed as a vengeful elf neared him, intent to end this fight in an instant – he loved every fleeting moment. When she was still three paces away, he felt his muscles loosen and his strength return to him. Too bad he thought to himself as he avoided a glorious death yet again.}

To pick up your copy of Episode I: A Fantastic Youth – click the link here!

Thank you for checking in!

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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