D.C. Caruso: "Remember When" and 50 great Things To Do At Home

D.C. Caruso shares a reflection on current events and shares with you some ideas on ways to stay busy through these extended days at home.


Remember When

     Remember when toilet paper was a hot commodity? I do, it was just about a week ago when getting my hands on a roll was nearly impossible. Having two teenagers in the house that go through a roll in a sitting is quite challenging as well.

I remember one day when my good friend so generously offered for me to go to her house and take whatever staples I needed. She was out of the state and wouldn’t be back for a while. I thanked her immensely and drove over to her home to get the “goods.” I put the toilet paper and hand sanitizer into a brown paper shopping bag that said “Coach” on both sides of it. I figured that was a good cover and that nobody would be the wiser. I put it in the front seat of my truck and drove off.

     When I arrived at my house, I left the opened bag on my front seat and went into the house to get my son to help carry in some other things I had purchased.

     When he got to the car, he said, “Mom, are you crazy??”

     “No, why do you ask?”

     “Cause, you left an open bag of toilet paper on the front seat! That’s worth a million dollars! We could have been robbed!”

      I laughed so hard I almost wet myself! (At my age, that was really easy to do!) This was the funniest thing I have ever heard since this nightmare began. I hugged him and thanked him for not losing his sense of humor. Might I suggest that we all find someone who can and will continue to lift our spirits and take us away from worry, even if its just for a few moments.

     Remember when bottled water wasn’t a thing? No one really cared before because they always drank tap. That is until this whole thing about the corona virus began. But I don’t get it, if you drank tap before, why are you running to the stores and grabbing every available case of bottled water? I must be missing something. Ion the other hand, never drank tap water only bottled. I would normally buy anywhere from 4-5 cases a week. My tap water has a sulfur smell to it and its well, stinky well water in reality. And I could never picture drinking that. Even all the years that I lived in long island, NewYork, I always drank bottled water. So someone like me has a need for it. However, I won’t hoard it or take more than I should.

     Remember when the shelves in stores like Walmart had a million different types of cat litter? Then one day I go to get a box and there are only two on the shelf, one for me and one for someone else. Cat box Madness!

     I have to admit, people are getting creative. Remember when baby wipes were just for babies? I do! It’s not to long ago that one could find unlimited amounts of baby wipes in several different brands on any shelf in any store. Now, there are none to be found. Was there a sudden baby boom that I missed? Whatever will our poor babies do with dirty bottoms?

     I just saw a video entirely by accident on YouTube, where this woman was teaching you how to make baby wipes with a roll of paper towels, some soap and some essential oils. Fantastic, right? However, the way I see it, if we use those on our babies, those poor little ones will be crawling around with red bottoms! And I’m talking about their little tushies, not red bottom shoes. EEK! I have never known paper towels to be soft, at least not the ones I use.

     Remember when you could get any and all types of dog and cat food dry or wet in Walmart and the Tracker Supply store? Well, that just isn’t so anymore. Did people decide that during this “shelter in place,” that since they were going to be home for two weeks anyway, that they should quickly run out and get a pet? I’m laughing to myself at the thought of this. I have never had trouble buying food for my pets until now.

     Remember when the last time was that you got to stay home for two weeks and not have to go to work? Nope! I don’t remember that ever happening. Even when I could afford to take vacations, it was only for a few days, three to four tops. I guess we could all look at this as a vacation and live it up. The only downside, you will need to be super creative and live it up in your own dwelling. Do you think that’s possible?

     I do believe it is. Let me tell you what I am doing. Firstly, I am doing things that I never have time to do. Usually, I need to speed shower and jump out, get dressed and go off to work. Now, I’m taking spa showers. By that I mean I am taking the longest showers in history! I’m fogging up my bathroom with steam and then jumping in and taking my time. Ahh, can’t you just feel my relaxing shower? Nah, just kidding! I’d never have time for that, not even now.

There are many things we can do at home while we are on this “shelter in place” hiatus. Keeping busy will take our minds off the issues at hand. It’s important to keep our spirits up and to not get too wrapped up in what’s been happening. We all worry about things and this can take its toll on us, so I am doing everything I can to focus on the good stuff. Below is a list of ideas, why not try one or several. Have fun with it and let’s make this the best two week “staycation” we can!

“Staycation” Fun

  1. Grab a book and a cup of tea/coffee/wine/beer/soda/lemonade and your favorite soft blanket and curl up somewhere comfy.
  2. If you don’t have any books you haven’t read, download some to any device from amazon or your local library. Amazon has eBooks that are sometimes free or super cheap like for 99 cents. Your library probably has free downloadable eBooks or audio books.
  3. Make some popcorn and watch a movie.
  4. Do a craft. There are many craft idea’s on YouTube and usually you have the stuff already in your home that you can use.
  5. Deep clean! Clean and organize your kitchen cabinets, this is something we never have time to do.
  6. Crochet, crochet, CROCHET! I can’t say this often enough. I loveee to crochet and I can make just about anything! You can find pattern ideas on Pinterest too.
  7. Train your pet. I know I have to work on my dogs coming to me when I call them. They usually run the other way!
  8. Write a book! Did you ever think of writing a book? Have a great idea? Get it down on paper now.
  9. Bake a cake or cookies! Everyone loves home baked goods.
  10. Listen to your favorite music or look for new stuff to download.
  11. Spent time with your family. Maybe pick a couple of things off this list and do them together.
  12. Take a nap!
  13. Color in some adult coloring books. Don’t have them? Look on your phone, there are apps that do have coloring stuff.
  14. Take an online class.
  15. Workout!
  16. Play video games. Mario bros is my favorite!
  17. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure! You will be glad you did.
  18. Give yourself a facial and play around with your makeup. Try something new!
  19. Make a vision board. Don’t know how? Watch the movie ‘The Secret’ first and then do it. If not google it.
  20. Call an old friend and catch up.
  21. Write a bucket list and do what’s on that list.
  22. Change around a room in your home. Move the furniture or declutter it.
  23. Sit outside and relax if it’s a nice day.
  24. Virtual shop! You don’t have the cash to spend, do what I do with my kids, we go shopping online and put things in our carts. Or we go shopping at the same online store and talk about the items there. We have a lot of fun with it.
  25. If you like to jog, go for a run and remember ‘social distancing.’ Or go for a walk.
  26. Listen to an upbeat podcast or to an informative one.
  27. Learn something new!
  28. Plan a new dinner recipe. There is an app and a website that makes that so easy. It’s called ‘Supercook.’ You can check off the ingredients that you have in your home, and it will give you all the recipes that you can make with that food. It’s great and I use it all the time.
  29. Make a new photo album or redo your old one. Travel down memory lane.
  30. Meditate. There are many apps and online meditations you can try.
  31. Make a movie with your kids/grandkids. Write a simple ‘script’ and then have everyone act it out. Have someone record it.
  32. Wash your car. In fact wash everyone’s car in your family! They will love you forever for doing it.
  33. Do yoga.
  34. Dance in your living room like no one is watching!
  35. Try a DIY from Pinterest.
  36. Play on the computer.
  37. Learn how to type. This is a task that I still have to do. Maybe I will make a point of doing it this week!
  38. Practice photography with your cell phone. Read up on it and get pointers too.
  39. Have an indoor picnic! Lay a blanket on the floor and cook picnic foods and then eat on the blanket. Don’t forget to draw ants and bring them along too!
  40. Play a musical instrument. For Christmas, I received a much-desired Ukulele and I am teaching myself how to play it by watching YouTube videos.
  41. Plant a garden. Go outside on your property get some soil, bring it indoors and take seeds out of your fruit and plant them.
  42. Page through a magazine. Either online or a physical copy that you have laying around.
  43. Write lists. I actually wrote a book full of lists. It’s a comical book, filled with lists that are relatable by everyone.
  44. Go for a ride, anywhere and stay in your car where you will be safe.
  45. Do a puzzle. That should take up a lot of time. Unless you are a puzzle wiz, which I am not!
  46. Build a fort inside your living room, with pillows and blankets. This of course, is only good if you have children or grandchildren.
  47. Take online quizzes. This can be fun and challenging.
  48. Create a weekly meal plan for yourself and family. This will take the guess work out of “what am I going to make for dinner tonight?”
  49. Delete old contacts and photos from your cell phone.
  50. Play solitaire or a board game.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and see the humor in it. Try one or more of these ideas and run with it. Above all else, heed the warnings we see on the news and continue to social distance yourself from others not living in your home. Be well and stay well.

D.C. Caruso

***image credit to artist contributions at pixabay.com***

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