C.M. Guido: Pride and Imperfection–The Story Jane Austen Never Told

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Writing this as I listen to the Be More Chill soundtrack.

One of the things I didn’t mention in my first post was my role in the Radiant Publishing House family. It’s such a pleasure to meet all of you, I am the editor! I do all things editing and then some. Consider me your book’s housekeeper, if you will. I correct grammar, spelling, and connect with your characters. All the while helping to bring your work to its fullest potential!

My coworkers and I unintentionally followed one another from school to school. We all started at our local community college and then funnily enough, FSC. They would come to me with their papers for their final polish. I was the English Girl, not the Criminal Justice Girl.

You know what happened next? I fell in love. And I waved that English Girl flag high.

I fell right into my element and then some. I enjoyed what I did (which is super important, guys. Loving what you do).

And from there, whenever anyone would ask what I wanted to do once I obtained my degree, I happily said, “I want to become an editor.”

When I was offered the opportunity to be part of the first Radiant Heroes rewrite as its editor, I thought to myself, I’d be foolish not do.

Plus, M. C. Grimm is one of the best people I know!

It has been such a pleasure from start to finish. An incredibly enriching experience, and so rewarding to see the end result.

A topic in conversation that came up last night, actually, was satisfaction and perfection in regards to our work. It really had me ruminating. I agree that we’re on that everlasting road to finding the pieces that fit just so to build our stories to where we want to be.

As I piece together my own compilation of short stories to share, I find myself on that same road, enduring the very same struggle. I’m actually finding it’s managing to be different than how I initially planned. Scarily exciting to experience the shift. A whole new avenue that was never intended. My work may never be perfect, as the definition and observation is constantly changing.

I’m here for all of it.

There’s still a sense of pride in myself for taking this leap. Having support is another important factor in ones success. We can travel alone, but it’ll be a whole different experience with the right group of people. Unforgettable. Regardless, I needed to take that first step in making it happen.

Was it scary? A smidgen. First steps are, sometimes. I’ll never grow if I don’t open myself to the possibilities that lie ahead of me, though. Because, I want this enough.

Even so, I hope, as you read this–that you find something to be proud of today, and carry that with you. Or, you choose to take those first steps towards the thing that you want/will be proud of.

Building from my previous post–always upgrading to better ourselves. Albeit, not getting swept away in upgrading that we forget ourselves on the way. We’re going to venture on this journey of self-discovery as our own worst critics, to jumping over hurtles, and overcoming several variants of ourselves to finally reach the end as the best version of us.

We are at the beginning, middle, and end of all of this beautiful madness.

Who’s ready to upgrade with me?

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