C.M. Guido: Every Story has a Beginning

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The first thing to establish is the “Getting to Know You” portion, yes? I’m suddenly hearing The King and I in my head as I write this.

My name is Concetta Guido, born and raised on Long Island, engaged, and have been in love with English and writing for as long as I could remember.

In fact, I love it so much–went to school for it. I graduated from Farmingdale State College with my B.S. in Professional Communications with a concentration in English…which meant I did a lot of writing, and had to get creative with many projects.

One I must share is my Broadway blog for one of my courses (visit thewordyitalian.tumblr.com to learn more). You have to have fun with life! Which is what I did, I combined two of my great loves and had a blast!

And then there was another course I took in which I used Broadway as the basis of–another–topic to promote mental health awareness.

We can see a pattern here, right?

I’ll just sum it up–I love the arts. And coffee. I truly believe they make the world go round.

Books, musicals, movies, music, you’ll probably see a lot of posts with me discussing such–if not what I’m up to, and/or any projects to share with you all!

What should you take away from all of this? Everything I’ve mentioned is what I’m passionate about.

Passion is the driving force to anything and everything we wish to accomplish. That aforementioned degree I brought up earlier? Took me eight years to obtain between working full-time and taking night classes, the frustration and disappointment of switching majors during my A.A., and getting back on track for my B.S.

I had the drive and the passion to see it through. Strengthening my writing skills, upping the ante in my vocabulary and book intake, striving to always be a better version of myself than the day before.

I think that’s something everyone should strive for :).

Never give up.


Always remember–we’ve got this!

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