M.C. Grimm: Wake up – there is a book you simply have to read!

At long last my book is complete!
Please show your support by ordering your copy today and leaving a 5-star review!
RPH presents Radiant Heroes Episode I: A Fantastic Youth by M.C. Grimm.

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What is this book about?

It’s a Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings in a Dungeons and Dragons setting.

Want more? Here’s the description from Amazon:
Minotaur, sorcerers, reapers, ancient weapons, and pancakes. In this world of magic and monsters, a young boy is gifted with the power to heal impossible wounds. He lived the life of an exceptional cleric until he was left orphaned and taken in by adventuring monster hunters. Now, they struggle to survive as the kingdom is thrown into chaos by a villainous demigod with the ability to dominate the minds of others. The fate of the world rests on their quest.

Okay, still want more?
Here’s a link to the original teaser of Chapter 1 – The Cleric of Tristian.

And, for following this blog or any of my author pages, you can help yourself some bonus behind-the-book content right here at mcgrimm.blog

Click below to order your copy today and please leave a 5-star review!

A special thank you to C.M. Guido (editor) and Dana Bree (editor and cover design). And extra special thank you to you; my friends, family, and fans that help inspire me to want to keep writing!

Episode 2 is coming soon in 2020!

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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