M.C. Grimm: Radiant Heroes Excerpt from the upcoming 2nd edition of A Fantastic Youth

An excerpt from the upcoming 2nd edition of Radiant Heroes – Episode I: A Fantastic Youth

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{Lee slid open the barn door and was greeted by Stein and Tholden petting two large stallions. The first stallion was snowy white and wore a small nameplate, Dash. The second stallion was finely brushed and black haired. On his chest plate displayed the name Constantine. Both stood together, attached to an ornate black carriage with golden trim. The sun reflected brilliantly off the shine of the black paint, forcing  Lee to squint before he looked away.

            “Good morning, young cleric,” greeted Tholden. “Did you sleep all right?”

            Lee stopped and stared at the stallions before approaching Constantine. “They are beautiful. He looks so strong. And I have never seen a carriage as fancy as this one.” He held up his hand to Constantine, who lowered his head and met Lee’s palm with a dry lick. “Gross!” Lee giggled, without moving his hand away.

            “Yes, yes, well tonight is the grand ball to introduce Lord Garfus of Gashimar as a new resident here in Tristian. The more coin he has, the more nobles will come to try and befriend him. Fickle creatures, the nobles.” Tholden laughed. “We purchased an estate in the Northern Villas and Marlow is there now with some hired help, making sure the place is all cleaned up. It’s going to be—quite—a night.”

            Lee was now grinning and giggling with one hand being licked by Constantine, and one by Dash. “This is going to be so fun, I can’t wait! What can I do? I want to help.”

            Stein smiled, as if he was waiting for him to ask. “For you, we have a very special job. Remember yesterday, when I asked you if you want to be the son of a nobleman? Well, I meant it. Lord Garfus –” he smirked at the thought, “is up at the main house with the tailor.  He is waiting for you to get fitted for the big night.”

            Lee jumped up, “Thank you! I won’t let you down.”

“Go on, they’re waiting for you,” Stein encouraged.

Lee turned and scampered to run up the hill towards the main house. He was wiping his hands on his robes the whole way up to the house.}

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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