M.C. Grimm: Christmas Eve! Best ever?

The magic of Christmas and how to really feel it. Spoiler alert: it starts with cookies!

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Christmas Eve! What an exciting time! I’m a huge fan of Christmas. I feel that there is always a certain magic in the air. All the built up tension of people from the holiday stress is suddenly unwound and you can actually see people dropping their worries as they put down the gifts.

I am grateful for our wide range of readers here, from Alaska to NY in the US, and checking in we also have Spain, Australia, and India. Where you are there might be snow, slowly falling on rolling hills in the moonlight. Or maybe, it’s a warm breeze blowing out from over the Atlantic as you sit under the stars and look for Santa (he knows your watching btw). Or maybe as you read this, the sun is overhead and you’re sitting down for some Christmas morning pancakes shaped like little trees and stuff – awesome! I’d love for you to comment a photo of what your Christmas eve looks like down in the comments.

Did you know there are some people who hate Christmas? I’m sure you know someone who does. Maybe they call it a “hallmark holiday” and that it’s “marketed by businesses to make money”. No way – and there’s corruption in politics!? Unfathomable! But regardless of the intention, or the effect of such a commercialized holiday; can’t we still appreciate the magic?

Think about it: I mean, people from all over the country, nay; the world(!!!!), make the effort to travel by air, by sea, and by ground to spend time with family and friends they maybe haven’t seen all year. Your employer might buy you a gift and say thank you and you know what; they didn’t have to – they already pay you! Maybe your students bought you a gift or baked you a cake (which I’d be skeptical of eating, but the thought is rally nice). I’m talking about people making effort, for coworkers they hardly know, strangers that they’ll ever see again, bosses they secretly hate, giving gifts; some bought and some made special with painstaking love and attention with such thought hat could make you cry. And I hope you get to experience that kind of love – this year and every year.

Christmas, and especially the exceptionally romantic Christmas Eve, should be a magical highlight of your year. I encourage you to make it wonderful and to allow yourself to really take it in. Laugh like a crazy person, dance terribly, love intensely. Seriously, make this the best one yet – you deserve it!

Merry Christmas!

***Images credited to artist contributions at Pixabay.com***

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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