M.C. Grimm: A Waking Dream

When you are uncertain where life is heading, but remember the old saying “if you’re going through hell; keep on going”.


So many dreams for a dreamer like myself. For so long I was asleep to dream them.

Adrift in the day to day that had become my life. It’s an easy trap to fall into really, I believe the cliche is called “going through the motions”. It’s not healthy or constructive really, certainly not empowering, but one thing it unfortunately is; sustainable. And that’s scary. I was about 30 when I started to wake up, and it took some more time after that to shake off that groggy feeling of an overspent slumber.

The reality is that you could go through your entire life “going through the motions” of what is “expected” of you and what you’re “supposed” to do and even if you land on top of the pile that is those expectations; be miserable. While you may have championed those goals they were never yours. Which means whatever goals you had for yourself; that maybe you have yet to discover; you haven’t achieved. And while that isn’t failing, it can feel that way.

No I’ve learned so far of a truth I hold dear to me. Something that has become so overwhelming apparent that I cherish it. And when you think of simple and happy times, often childhood comes to mind. When you think of what typically works to solve life’s problems K.I.S.S, keep it super simple or keep it stupid simple, etc. a simple quote from a childhood author;

From huddlenet.com

And for that truth, so many stars have aligned for me, offering an alignment of the stars and the moon and creating my waking dream.

I want to hear your stories of this. How when you have exercised the powers of gratitude and apply the practicality of positive thought, you are both awake and dreaming. You are both conscious and elevated, doing and envisioning. Maybe you’re not 100% there yet, hell; maybe we never really can be. Share your passion if you have it, and how you found it; it may encourage someone else.

You don’t need to choose between one or the other, being a dreamer or a doer, you can simply live a complete existence of thinking, loving, and doing. Your passion exists, I promise you that. And what is it?

Time to wake up my friend. I don’t mean you’ve been doing anything wrong, you haven’t. Every day is growth, whether we plant ourselves in a forest or a desert, but some places are obviously better than others; depending on the plant (aka you).

No, by wake up I mean; be honest with yourself. If you’re unfulfilled, declare it, and ask yourself what would change that. “The first step is admitting you have a problem” and it doesn’t mean assigning blame, it means asking yourself “what do I want and how can I get it?”

It starts with you, and it starts today.

And look growth is about change and adaptation, sure, but don’t feel like you have to burn down your whole forest (your presently existing life) to do that. You might be surprised at the subtle changes you could make that would put you exactly where you want to be.

P.S. That picture is my windshield, I’m parked so don’t worry haha but I’m looking through it realizing that through the rain and fog I have never been so certain that I am exactly where I am meant to be. I am grateful. And I wouldn’t be here without the dreams to envision an existence like this, and the action taken to be here. Trying, sometimes falling short, but knowing that my dream exists and I won’t stop until I see it through. I know that this magic exists and it’s real. It’s infinite, and I believe in you to make it real for you too if it doesn’t already.

Start today 😊

With love, M.C. Grimm


3 comments on “M.C. Grimm: A Waking Dream”

  1. I, too, believe I am where I am supposed to be. I like to think that I woke up, but sometimes it’s like I’m fighting off a haze, a spell that a wizard keeps casting upon me.

    And btw, I think I remember you. I see things have changed. Good for you. How have things been?

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    1. What a delightful feeling indeed =) yes, my 2019 had been a roller-coaster of life events. Similarly, I felt I had been asleep for a long time and it took some nightmares to wake me and stir me forward. All strategic towards the universes plan I suppose because I enter into 2020 the happiest I’ve ever been. I believe our first interaction was when I came across one of your writings and challenged you to write an alternate ending, which you, as I recall, delivered fantastically!

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