M.C. Grimm: Cuddle-Up

The science of cuddling and being kind over-simplified into photos of cuddling animals. Along with a challenge to better your life, relationship, and show some self-love.

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I did actually laugh out loud as I wrote that title because of a song called “Wobble-Up” that always gets me.

I know some people that don’t like hugs or physical affections. I suppose it’s just not for everyone, and that’s fine. As you know, I don’t like to write about anti-anything. I’m a pro-person, pro-passion, pro-happiness, pro-anything kind of author; here to share the good stuff.

Cuddling, hugging, compliments and kindness are good for you, did you know that? Who would’ve guessed =) Relieves stress, boosts endorphins, benefit sleep, etc. etc. science!

Would these critters lie?

No. No, they wouldn’t lie, and why would they? They’re so happy just being near one another!

So tonight I encourage you to show love. Friends, family, pets, or even just show some love to yourself – you’re worth it. If you aren’t a fan of physical affections, then show verbal love. If you know you’re not a poet, show some thoughtful love and make dinner for your spouse, bring them home a donut or their favorite candy from the gas station. Show a gesture of love, to whatever capacity your heart can manifest. I promise you, it will be appreciated.

I may be biased about this, but hey, all creatures cuddle; give it a try and you just might enjoy it.

With love,
M.C. Grimm

****All photos are credited to artist contributions at pixabay.com – search cuddle****

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