M.C. Grimm: You Should Be Dancing

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With the upcoming holiday built around gratitude and appreciation, I feel this entire month is a powerful one. After all, there are plenty of reason to celebrate; to make a toast or shout-out a barbaric yawp into the universe and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be. That could be a great place, or maybe that place could be better. But remember, the first step towards being where you want to be could be your next one – that’s up to you. Whatever you want out of life, put it out there; ask for it, believe it’s possible. And when the universe tries to give it to you – receive it gratefully.

Today, I would like to live that with you. I have challenged you in the past to raise a glass, to send out a thank you, to share a moment with someone special to you. Today/tonight, before the stroke of midnight I challenge you to dance. It could be alone, it could be with your partner. It would be okay if you were at work right now and danced in your office or through the aisle. I wish for you to feel the freedom, the joy, the music in your very soul and dance like no one is watching you.

I will join you once I can see the moon.

With love,
M.C. Grimm

*****Image credited to artists at Pixabay*****

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