M.C. Grimm: Radiant Heroes Ep. 2 Excerpt – The Red Five

Another Radiant Heroes – Episode 2: Beyond Horizons excerpt to keep you on the edge of your seat!

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A rough excerpt as the book and this chapter are still in editing =)
The complete Chapter 1 is available here.

{As the morning shifted into early afternoon, the coast of Vian fell off the horizon and in the distance Fornesio could be seen. The skyline was carrying a dense and fast moving fog that floated over the sea like a ghost, bringing their clear skies to an end within a few hours of making port.

Marlow was minding the helm, starring off into the abyss of cloud. He let go of the wheel, slid down the handrail, and moved to partially raise the sails and slow their speed. He spun the rope along the pulley with an experienced tug, raising the sail exactly where he meant it with the perfect amount of force from a single tug. Marlow started his way back to the helm when a shadow in the fog caught his eye. He squinted to make it out, but couldn’t see what it was until the small ship had rammed into the Yoshi. He went tumbling down the stairs, splitting several in half, and landing back on the main deck. With his back still flat on the deck, Marlow could see the smaller ship turning to sail alongside them. The center mast of crimson sail with gold etched trim coming closer.

His eyes widened, “The Red Five!”}

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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