M.C. Grimm: Say “Yes”

The experiences that can come from stepping out of your comfort zone and the decision to be happy – starting now!

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I am routinely surprised at the amount of negativity that is out there. I know, I know – I shouldn’t be, it’s so typical and common. However, there are some who every word and every breath is a complaint or exhaustion on some happening that is a brief inconvenience and has now defined their day. I know of some people whom this is their every day, and they are robbing themselves of a joyful life. While I can relate to the stresses of life and some of its woes, I believe that our happiness is a decision. It is a question, asked daily; nay – asked continuously of “Am I going to be happy?”

If not now, then; when? If not here, then; where? And why?
Almost all of the answers to those questions are excuses. But for who?

You are not powerless. You are not out-of-control of your life.
You are the driver. You are at the wheel of the vehicle that is your life, cruising down the road of time towards a singular destination. Ever heard the cliche, “life is about the journey, not the destination”? Because on this road you can make all the pit-stops and adventures journey’s you’d like (for the most part). It doesn’t have to be a straight, lonely, and worrisome road towards the end.

Once upon a time, I was a young college student spending time with some old high school friends. They were about to play dungeons and dragons and invited me to join. I said no, as I always did, because I was really cool and cool kids don’t play D&D. My plans ended up being cancelled so I agreed to play. Our “DM” spent the next two hours making me a character. I was about to leave when he told me he finished and we could finally start to play. I had a choice, play D&D or go home. I really thought about going home, I had papers and homework after all, but he jokingly nagged, “Just say yes!” and my guilt got the better of me knowing he spent two hours making this character for me. That day introduced me to a game I fell in love with. Which I then began to host, bringing great friends from all walks of life together and building relationship over the course of a decade that I may not have otherwise had. It later inspired me to write the Radiant Heroes series and begin Radiant Publishing House to help fellow authors find their way through the publishing industry. This is one story of how stepping out of my comfort zone when an opportunity presented itself changed my life. In this case, in such a subtle yet defining way. Do you have a story to share? Put it in the comments below.

If you’re interested in the idea of this, but not sure where to start, check out the movie; Yes Man. It is one of those movies that can give some perspective to the opportunities presented by just putting yourself out there. A Hollywood depiction of how branching out of your comfort zone can introduce you into beautiful happenings that you never would’ve experienced before.

So, do you want to be happy today?


With love,
M.C. Grimm

*Images credited to artist contributions at pixabay.com*

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