M.C. Grimm: Radiant Heroes Ep. 2 Excerpt – The Axeman vs Gwynn

An excerpt from the Axeman vs Gwynn duel to take place in Episode II: Beyond Horizons.


I get excited to share these things, the book is coming along swimmingly, but editting has yet to begin since Ep.1 second edition is taking priority. Very soon my rabid reader =) very soon!

{Gwynn was attempting to wipe the blood out of her eye, but it was gushing too quickly. She stood, closing her left eye, and breathing heavy with desperation and anger. She let out barbaric shout as she charged at him with a series of wild slashes. He casually stepped between each swing of her long sword, allowing her to become more and more enraged until her movements became clumsy and presented an opening when he brought up the butt of his axe against her wrist. There was an audible crack as she cried out in pain. Rayne was thrown from her hand and impaled into the ground several feet away. The Axeman capitalized on the moment; sweeping her feet out from under her, placing his boot on her chest with a pound and his axe at her throat.}

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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